Term of Service

. Term of Service
Revision Policy

Every bundle has a specific amount of corrections you can apply for. We will update your plan if you want unlimited free corrections given that the plan and idea continue as before. It takes almost 48 hours to make corrections, correction time would also be communicated by our client servicing.

Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee

There won’t be any discounts or refund after conveyance except if dev.SM cancels the contract for reasons other than your breach or non-execution.

All refund requests will be fulfilled as per the following arrangement:

  • The discount offer is only valid until endorsement or demand changes have not been made on the plan or idea presented for web, once the idea for web is presented, discounts are void.
  • You will be qualified for a Full Refund (less 10% service and processing fee) if the refund request is made before the conveyance of plan ideas initiation.
  • You will be qualified for 66% refund (less 10% service and processing fee) if demand for refund is made in 48 hours of presenting the plan.
  • You will be qualified for 33% refund (Less 10% service and processing fee) if refund demand is made between 48-120 hours of presenting the plan.
  • No refund will be allowed after 120 hours of presenting the plan but we truly believe in client-focused services so in case you’re not satisfied, you should reach out to us.
  • If you do not engage after the 30 days of making the request, no refund will be allowed. For you to reactivate your plan, you’d need to approach us again.
  • No refunds will be allowed after the delivery of the project is done.
  • You can ask for site bundles before the site development has been finished or gone live.
  • You can ask for a refund for video animation bundles before the planning and presentation of storyboard has taken place.
  • dev.SM controls the complete right to approve or disapprove your appeal on refund, every case would be treated on case to case to basis. Our support division will take care of all the refund claims.
  • Custom bundles and the single bundles have equivalent refund policies.
  • In case of multiple services taken from us, you can ask for refund of one of the services if it is not presented. For example, if you’ve ordered a mobile app and a website. dev.SM has develops your website and it has gone live for whatever reason you can request a refund on the mobile app.
  • A refund request should be based on a strong rationale and case should be built against it. For example, if the idea was not planned according to the brief or a website is having major problems, you can ask for amendments until full satisfaction is reached. We’ll try to make all the changes possible in case of our fault.
  • If a company is found to be submitting design requests to multiple companies for the only purpose of claiming a refund, in that case we have the complete authority to deny your refund request.
  • Client input is essential to all our dealings, to move from each step to the forward one; we will need client’s input before concluding any action. Involvement of client is much appreciated and their criticism is welcomed to create the perfect product.
  • In case of website or mobile app design to be found significantly similar with another app or website, dev.SM will redesign those elements for you to have a unique design. It is important that the client gets all their design and website copyrighted, any future likeness will not be the responsibility of dev.SM.
How to claim your refund

It would be ideal that all the refund clauses are matched in case of a request for refund is made.
  • If you’re having any issue and need a refund, contact us through:
    • Contact # (856) 212 1123
    • info@dev-sm.com
    • Live Chat
  • Your refund request will be evaluated through our refund policy process, it will go through different stages and an overall judgement would be made considering all the factors. We will communicate the refund through email or you’ll be contacted by our support department. After the refund, your website/app design rights would be acquired by dev.SM and you would not have the option to show any rendition of the plan sent by organization. Let us likewise determine that:
    • You will have no right over the design of the website once you’ve asked for the refund. You will not be able to utilize any of the work item, media, content that we have developed for you.
    • The refunded design data would be shared between dev.SM and the Government Copyright Agencies. This allows us to stop the re-utilization of the refunded designs by any previous client as their original. If you have any inquiries or worries about our Refund Policy, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us by mailing us at info@dev-sm.com
Quality Assurance Policy

We want to assure you that our team works intensively to guarantee unique and quality website and mobile app design. We will work collaboratively with you to produce a website or an app that aligns with your vision and the brief that you would communicate.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter how many tries it take, we keep on working on the app or website until and unless or client is completely satisfied with the end product.

Domain and Hosting
Our different bundles have free Domain and hosting services. Email accounts made through the website bundles could be accessed through 3rd party software such as Outlook.
In the event you are not hosting your website with us, we will not provide email accounts.
Please know that there is no refund for the hosting, domain or email server package.

Delivery Policy

All design archives are delivered to the client through email. All approaches identifying with modifications and refunds are subject to date and time. Within 5 – 7 days of your request all tailored plans are emailed. We offer ON-SPOT delivery service through email if you pay an extra $100 within 48 hours. For extra assistance, contact us at 24-Hour Customer Support Center.

Record Maintenance

Our 24-hour customer live support agent is always present to answer all your queries and concerns. Feel free to contact us any time!

Communication Policy

dev.SM is not responsible for any correlation from any email address(es) other than the one followed by their domain, i.e. @dev-sm.com or any number other then the one mentioned on the website. dev.SM will not be liable for any mishaps occurred in this case.

Access to Information

To avail dev.SM services you might have to answer few questions in form of data sharing. By giving your consent to these terms and conditions, you therefore agree that all the data provided from your end is reliable and valid and if caught with wrong data dev.SM has the right to revoke your access and accounts.

As we are working under a PCI DSS organization, your credit card details will be store with using record and will be used for future services or any equipment usage. Since we care for our clients, all the information will be communicated to the customer on time and they would be aware of all our procedures.

100% Unique Design Guarantee

At dev.SM we make sure that all our designs are unique and built from scratch. By this way you will be satisfied with our work and your customers would be impressed.


The organization will help clients with the incorporation of third-party extensions and APIs, but the third-party integration needed to facilitate with the website’s functionality will purely be following standards. During the development phase, the business will not have anything to do with any third-party dealings. All extra work would include a separate fee.

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