SBT Careers Case Study

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"Big Dreams need dedicated partners"

SBT Co. envisions self-sustainability and has an in-house HR department that is extremely active due to the launch of many IT-related brands by the company. The inception of these IT brands created a demand for the best possible talent pool and believes in branding through HR as a strong credibility builder for the company. It required a solution that would not only enhance the human resource processes to help the HR Team but create a user experience for the applicants that is streamlined ensuring users complete their application journey and also build brand equity through it.


"We need a change"

SBT’s career webpage was disintegrated with applicants not filling in the complete application. The process had multiple webpages filled with redundant fields not necessary for the company’s HR requirements.
The navigation of the careers page had applicants confused with job descriptions and job requirements not to increase the most possible clicks and engagement. These reasons were enough for the applicant to quit their journey as the user experience was slow and long.
SBT has various departments from digital marketing, business development to software developers. They needed a career's page that could be easily navigated by the user to find the best possible fit in relation to their skills. The job listings were not organized through departments and increased the user time spend on finding jobs.
The application process needed stronger visuals and lacked branding by the company to create the first impression on applicants that would create a high perception of the company in the minds of applicants. The SBT career page needed a complete revamp to improve the overall UI & help make HR processes effective.


“Let’s Start”

After the project details were communicated by SBT to dev.SM, product experts from dev.SM started to create a dedicated proposal for the SBT team that became a guide for how dev.SM would develop the SBT Careers section and showed how it would accomplish the client's objectives.
Following meetings with clients went in detail of budget breakdowns & developing timelines. dev.SM has project management experts that evaluate every project to make the processes cost-effective for clients and the deadlines are met.
Once, the product experts & the software team are aligned; a dedicated key account manager handles all the business-related queries from the client. The client was kept in a daily loop with and constant feedback channel created between them to ensure objectives.
After the first completion of the web app design, the team quickly moved into the testing phase and within 3 weeks the team was able to roll out the new Careers SBT page.


"Creating an interactive HR Web App that drastically increases applicant pool & enhances user experience"

dev.SM created an interactive tool that allowed users to find jobs in their desired departments. It consisted of a section that showed the departments with their job openings and allowed the user to navigate easily through the page to land on their wanted job opening.
Instead of having a complex multi-page experience; dev.SM UX experts understood the problem at hand and created Job description & Job requirement sections right next to the application, all in one view. The idea is to inform the user about all the needed information on one page that allows the user to have all their frequently asked question regarding an opening answered making the user experience much smoother.
dev.SM developed a customized application that focused on attaining only the necessary information and reduces the redundant fields and developed as easy to upload CV option to end the journey.
They created a system that connected HRMS with the web app by creating a back-end system for HR to store all the possible data from the applicants. Developed an easily trackable system for HR and developed an easy job posting process for the SBT HR that does not require extensive knowledge of website programming and allows quick posting on the web app; saving time & money.
The dev.SM developed careers web app is scalable and allows SBT growth to not be hampered by the growing number of applicants. dev.SM solutions cater to the future of the company as much as the present.
The SBT Careers web app was optimized with a site speed lower than 2 seconds and is optimized to be functional on all devices ensuring that users can access SBT careers from anywhere possible.


Our client enhanced their brand recognition with fresh and consistent user experience and also was able to ensure employee branding through it. The necessary first impression SBT needed from its branding was made through its high-quality UI web app.
The web app directly connected with SBT’s HRMS and allowed all the data to be stored easily helping HR with crucial time savings & allowing more streamlined processes.With the brand new SBT careers, they also noticed an increase in the numbers of CVs submitted by twofold and saw three times more user journeys being completed by the applicants because of dev.SM’s easy to navigate UI.

SBT Career
2X 360 Feedback response
3X Database efficiency