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How we helped in Application Development of a BPO company

We, at dev.SM, have worked with several clients that have given us business and their satisfaction has brought smile on our faces. We have delivered 1000+ projects over 11 years with 741+ clients in 27+ countries. 71% of our clients have come back to us, giving us more business. But every potential client is a challenge for us and every satisfied one give us pride. Today, we will talk about a client that is more of a partner in our success.


When our client rex D contacted us to discuss about the project, we were able to instantly gel-up together. Having interacted with multiple clients, their willingness to hear us after discussing their requirements was the starting point to it. They were in business for some time, but their website had to be developed from scratch. They needed a system through which they could support in human resource management and customer relationship management in running their client’s businesses. As they needed a website that could cater to telecommunication, healthcare and logistic industry simultaneously, so having an easy to navigate user friendly front face that caters all, was something they were not willing to compromise on.

The Solution We Provided

We started the designing process; sharing the logo designs, patterns and color schemes that best represented their business process outsourcing business. This allowed us to show our expertise and mix it with their core philosophy of business. They came with an open mind; knowing that we believe in long-term partnerships instead of short term gain. Therefore even when they had reservations on something, we worked on finding a point of mutual agreement before continuing further.
As they deal with clients, so they gave us a lot of margin to innovate. We were able to complete the basic designing and finalize it within 8 days. The development of website and testing it to make it reach level that we initially discussed took us 10 more days. On the website we had to work on front end and backend application synchronization with the website too. So, considering the backend user ease, we optimized the website so rex D employees can easily communicate and manage internal operations well. The website data of customer being integral part of business had to be made accessible to employees. This was to be done without compromising on the customer end that comes on this BPO website. So two interface planning had to be done.

Results That Brought More Business

As the website we developed was performing well, so they shared their ultimate goals of business. The goals included right level of data management, command on lead management process, monitoring of business process on different levels with secure protocol and maintenance of overall website with the data on the go. We worked on each process individually and synchronized it to the website by taking continuous feedback from the employees that were directly involved in operations. We brought in security of data, so every employee get right level of information while their managers can check their progress and that of the operations.
There was a 360 degree monitoring tool given to top management, so they check the overall business functions and operational progress of website without hassle of diving deep into individual data.

Key Insight

Based on our project success, they were able to deliver better software development services, IT consultancy, enterprise resource management software and consultancy, human resource management software and consultancy, customer relationship management software and consultancy aside from analytic, legal and business services to their client.
Because of proper data and lead management through website in secure and well-maintained way they expanded to other industries in a short period. Because of our best website application development they have clients from manufacturing and retail industry. Our security on website can be evident from the fact that they have clients from financial service provider institution and banking industry.
We are expert in our field because we consider every project a differently new one. As business philosophy varies, so does the layout of applications on website and mobile. We try to synchronize our expertise with the individual business, so no two clients get similar solution. We innovate with each project, so we stand-out.

What rex D Says About Us

We wanted a digital presence that sparked our business, so one of a friend recommended dev.SM. They were able to deliver what were expecting. In the beginning we had reservations as we belong to outsourcing business, where we manage our clients’ work for them. This means every client comes with different requirement, so our website should satisfy all.
But these people managed everything quiet well, helping us grow. Whenever we go mobile, we will be working with them without a second thought. We recommend them for 360 degree website application development.

rex D
60% Increase in process efficiency.
4 New industries entered after our project.