Privacy Policy

.Privacy Policy
dev.SM is a global software development company that truly believes in providing a secure experience for our users. We understand the concerns of our users when it comes to security so please take out time to read our complete privacy policy.


Cookies are a small text data piece stored on the web server, it shows us the user patterns on the website, basic user information and also help us differentiate users for proficient understanding of our user-base. We do collect data through cookies that helps us create better marketing campaigns, for analytics, improve performance and enhance the user experience.

Cookies are accepted by default in most of the web browsers, but can be disabled via browser settings but remember that you won’t be able to enjoy the complete dev.SM experience if you do turn off cookies.

Personal Information

The information we collect may include your personal information, such as your name, contact information, product and service selections, and other personal information that you share with us on our website. We collect personal information from you when we correspond with you as a customer or prospective customer, when you visit our website when we start working on your project, and when you contact us for help.

We use your personal information to improve our products, to communicate with you through different channels, to improve our CRM, develop & display contact best suited for you.

Access and Control to Personal Data

The users can view their personal data if they request it only if it’s legally possible. Organization workers who have access to the user database would adhere to strict privacy and security regulations. Sensitive Personal Data shall be stored in encrypted mode.

Third-Party Users

We only share our data with third party users when you’ve given us the consent to do so. We may share the third-party data to our parent company, joint ventures, and other entities under common control or third-party acquirers that respect our privacy laws only to provide the best possible services & products to you.

In case you do not consent, no third-party user will ever be shared any data. We do share data with third party users that help us run analytics and advertisements; these services are core to providing a better experience to our users and improve our overall performance.

Security Measures

We understand how important your data is to us and to ensure that dev.SM uses industry-standard technologies to protect your data while it is being transferred or being received. We have back-ups to protect your data from being lost due to any accidental, unlawful destruction, unauthorized access, or alteration in it.

dev.SM has security audits regularly to make sure there are no gaps that could be breached and improve security processes constantly. dev.SM security team tries to make sure that our website is secure at all times 100% secure website is not possible. We do not guarantee perfect security.

Changes to the Policy

dev.SM reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and in any manner. In case we plan to change how we use the data previously collected, we would inform you in that case and would allow you to opt-out from sharing that data with us. You can receive the latest information about our privacy policy through our page.