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Unlock the Wonders of PHP

Getting PHP development services for your business website can be fruit for your web growth. Our PHP developers develop scalable, flexible, and interactive solutions for your website. Over 70% of businesses are powering their websites with the help of a PHP web development company and we do the job more than you can think. Our expertise is in leveraging businesses to the fullest abilities of PHP to create the path to success.

Our PHP Services:

We mainly offer the following advanced expertise in PHP website development to scale up businesses online:

1. Codeigniter Development Services

You can develop your websites rapidly with the help of a tactical Codeigniter development company like dev.SM. We let you build a full-featured, interactive yet user-friendly website with the help of this amazing PHP framework. You can easily connect to databases and perform multiple operations such as managing sessions, sending an email, and uploading files, etc.

2. Laravel Development Services

Laravel web development is a PHP based web application framework that uses the MVC architectural pattern which is beneficial in designing custom-built web applications much easily and quickly. Laravel development services are becoming one of the best-known web frameworks to work upon.

Our PHP Facilities:

dev.SM provides holistic and 360 degree PHP development services. We realize this fact quite well that hiring multiple vendors for one main task is not your choice because of the extra expenses and time you have to put in to manage them all. That is why we offer expertise in all there is you profitably need out of PHP, unlike other companies who narrowly focus on either back-end or front-end sides.

Check out below the most convenient and needed services that we offer:

  • Customized PHP development
  • Upgrading the existing solutions
  • Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing
  • UI/UX Design Solutions
  • Conversion to the latest PHP versions
  • Long-term maintenance and support
  • Business Analysis and Consultation

Perks Of Choosing PHP

In this fast-paced time, PHP development is gaining mass popularity for the following amazing online benefits:

• Dominating the Market

As PHP is gaining mass dominance, the market is now looking to make this available more than ever with a wide range of servers and presets of servers that support in developing stacks.

• Launch Project Development Faster

Speed up the wireframing phase with PHP as it allows fewer interdependencies while not affecting the same productivity and functionality levels. You can easily assemble a PHP team in less time.

• Less Operating Cost

In terms of development, maintenance, and support stages, PHP projects are often more cost-effective than other technologies available. Being an open-source nature, PHP eliminates any expenses on licensing, downloading, and expensive web hosting. This can greatly increase the competition in the market and lower the prices.