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SBT Japan is a top car export company. It is widely known as a reliable company with high-quality services in the automobile industry.


Covid-19 shook the world to the core. Businesses and companies faced challenges when they had to shift every employee of the organization to work from home. Our client, SBT Japan, discussed with us how they want an application that keeps a track of the attendance record of all employees as a biometric attendance system cannot be operated from home.
SBT wanted us to maintain the entire database of every employee in the application with their detailed personal profiles.
Moreover, our client was concerned to create a portal where they can give and receive feedback about and from employees to improve the quality of their performance.


dev.SM gathered its team of app developers, studied the requirements of their client, and analyzed the features that will fit right in the client’s app.
The final product was named HRMS app and is comprised of all the main features our client had desired. The database of every employee was created in the application which consisted of their personal information, their previous work, and academic backgrounds, their bank details, and so on. All the aforementioned information of every employee was only accessible to HR and guarantee full security.
In times of Covid-19, to avoid a biometric attendance system, the application has a feature of checking in and checking out the work hours, the data is stored and displayed only to the employee, the manager, and the HR.
The application also has a feature of performance management where employees can give their managers and vice versa. By the end of every month, everyone has to fill a feedback form and view the scoreboard.
The policies, guidelines, request for leaves, monthly tasks record, and much more have been made the part of the HRMS app too.


The results of the HRMS app have been commendable. The mobile app was designed to be user-friendly and it proved to be very convenient for employees. From the feedback record to their routine attendance system everything is integrated into one app.
After the work from office has been resumed, the client continued to use the HRMS attendance system to avoid employees’ physical contact with a biometric device that was in the use of the whole unit.
The application is fast with easy navigation in a manner that satisfies everyone in the organization.
For every newly appointed employee, the HRMS app serves the purpose of providing information and guidelines of office rules and policies.

“HRMS app has been a game-changer for us. One app has all the necessary information that too with ultimate security is a big convenience. dev.SM has undoubtedly outdone themselves.” – SBT Japan.

2X 360 Feedback response .
3X Database efficiency