Engro Case study

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Engro Corporation is among the popular names of multinational companies in Pakistan. Engro is known to be one of the biggest manufacturers of fertilizers in the world. Its other major products include chemicals, foods, petrochemicals, and more.


As our client, Engro Corporation, is a huge multinational where they are engaged in multiple big projects of high-end clients regularly. Our client expressed their concern that how the organization has been confronting an ongoing difficulty of incompetent internal communication within the company. Every now and then, employees have a list of complaints to register to Human Resources concerning IT Support. They convey how their tech issues such as troubleshooting errors, technical glitches of hardware and software, and internet connectivity problems are not being addressed and taken care of properly.
The firm does not consist of a limited number of employees, so with more employees, the IT department is overwhelmed with complaints employees are bringing in abundantly.
IT representatives are working tirelessly to assist every employee with problems they come across but due to the massive population of employees, they are not in a condition to manage and keep a track of every employee’s existing concerns.
Therefore, our client reached out to us to develop a native application for the company to toughen
IT service management.


We conducted meetings with our clients and had detailed sessions with their employees to examine and research every prevailing problem that should be considered. We broke down every concern of employees to devise their solutions accordingly.
dev.SM has skilled developers who provided their assistance in creating a competent application to strengthen IT management service.
The application was user-friendly right according to the satisfaction of every employee. The email communication was supported via application as well.
The organization is fairly populated, hence, the live chat feature was incorporated in the application for the employees to contact IT representatives fast.
A database was also created that helped the IT helpdesk to monitor every issue any employee confronts, and analyze them.


dev.SM succeeded in satisfying Engro Corporation as the application improved the workflow and aligned it more appropriately.
The page downloads fast and easy navigation saves time for every user.
The client appreciated how the application did not only resolve employees’ respective concerns but also strengthen the interconnection between employees and IT Support.

“dev.SM has relieved us of our major ongoing problem. The application is not only easy to use; it also saves a lot of our time which we previously used to waste in sorting out the issues. The work process has grown and we are super glad and satisfied.” – Engro Corporation.

60% Increase in IT Support’s Productivity
2X Improvement in Workflow