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This cookie policy guide will take you through what cookies are and how do we use them. Through this privacy policy, you will get to know what kind of cookies do we use, the kind of information we gather and how do we use that information.

What cookies are?

HTTP cookies are precise text files that are placed and even stored when a user uses any webpage on their personal computer and mobile devices. These files are useful in improving the user experience but it may fetch users’ personal information to know about the user or what they browse through on the website.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies as you visit our website dev.SM which includes any of the other media channels, forms, mobile website which is related or connected to the site so it can help us in giving the users the best web experience and customize the site accordingly.

We make use of cookies for the following ease in user experience:

It helps us recognize your login patterns, the way a user reaches our site, and learn of any favored actions on dev.SM website. This helps us to know which features are working best on the site and which features need to be improved further.

Our cookies are used further used to increase personalized experience as it helps dev.SM to record repeat site visitors and then record their history, the pages which have been visited, and the preferences each time the site is visited.

Moreover, it helps us identify and avert any security risks. This is used to verify the users and protect their data against any unauthorized parties.

User’s Control On Cookies:

While you’re browsing you may choose if you want to enable cookies or not. Varying browsers can give different controls to you. In general, you may be asked by your browser to either accept, reject or even delete cookies at any time. Each browsing website provides you a guide on how to do this.

In case you have blocked cookies, you may not be able to login to dev.SM.

Every change is effective right after posting and is applied to all accessibility and usage of the website and services. If you continue to use the site or services after the posting of changes to the terms of service acknowledge that you have accepted and agreed to such changes.

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Changes to the policies:

We have the right to update and change the policy with time. Please keep a check on these policies regularly to ensure you are aware of the most latest version.