About Us

.Why dev.SM
dev.SM is an in-depth approached Software Development company that is empowered by the idea to upscale all kinds of businesses from SMEs to Enterprises as well as Startups. We rigorously help in elevating the value of businesses with various software solutions that are custom developed according to the need for time.
.Our Process
Centered on creativity, innovation and quality
.Problems We`ll Help You In

Reduction In Operational Costs

We understand that operational costs can take up a large proportion of the company’s expenses, dev.SM automates and provides IT solutions to daily operational tasks that allow resources to be focused on the development and improve overall company efficiency.

Digital Transformation of Your Business

Do you hear about the latest tech disrupting the industry? Well, our experts not only keep an eye on them but regularly use the latest tech such as Blockchain, Cloud & data science in our projects to innovate, streamline, and transform businesses.

Return On Investment

Sadly, the industry-standard has been to put ROI at the backseat and use impractical non-viable ideas that later on cause problems for the business. At dev.SM we provide solutions that maximize your ROI at an affordable price rate.


Put your seatbelts on, we are going on a ride. We help you scale your business to the size you dream of. Prioritizing scalability from the start leads to lower maintenance costs, better user experience, and higher agility. Dream big, we'll make it happen.

Provide The Right Aesthetics

Creating the right design for your brand that communicates your brand identity is key in creating the right perception. Our design experts not only create aesthetically pleasing visuals that captivate the user but also provide the perfect UX needed for your business objectives.

Quality Assurance

dev.SM software quality assurance team has the expertise, experience, and processes needed to ensure your software project meets the highest industry and real-world standards. We have the client-based that communicates that dev.SM guarantees Quality to its business partners.
.Our Efforts
Our company’s tale, told by our clients’ achievements